the Penrith residents' campaign for fresh air !


For decades Penrith has suffered an odour nuisance, commonly known as the Penrith 'pong' !

It even has a song 'This town stinks' written about it ! (click the sheep pic on the gallery below, to view and listen).

It's the smell of animal rendering ! That's animal waste, mainly from abattoirs around the country and Ireland, transported by public roads in unsealed, unchilled lorries to Penrith.

Once here it is rendered, a process of turning raw meat and bone waste into things like animal feed and tallow, used in candles and cosmetics.

This is animal rendering, with all it's impact on the local environment and infrastructure, on a giant industrial scale, on the edge of the Lake District National Park.

The plant :

  • is an eyesore
  • already too BIG
  • places too much pressure on the local infrastructure
  • has a harmful effect on local tourism
  • detrimental to the local landscape
  • creates an odour nuisance


The challenge is to overcome the languid Penrith 'establishment' system which allowed animal rendering, with all it's issues, to grow on a HUGE industrial scale on the edge of our town.

That's why this campaign has lobbied Eden District Council, the local planning authority, to STOP approving further expansion at the plant.

However, the council, with NO consultation, approved through 'delegted' powers (ie: officers decided) the building of a new £20million multi fuel thermal oxidiser. The council and councillors have let the people of Penrith down !

A 1,153 name online petition (link to sign at the bottom of the page) has been presented to the council. The petition is still open for more signatures as EDC still refuses to accept it's responsibility for Omega's uncontrolled growth.


The news is, residents are fighting back.

Coverage for the campaign in traditional print media has been considerable, local tv (itv Border) and radio too.....

The campaign to STOP the Penrith 'pong' is firmly on the agenda and will continue to be promoted. 

You can join us on Facebook, like and share.

When you smell it, and you will, here's what you can do :

  • report the odour nuisance to the Environment Agency on it's 24/7 HOTLINE number 0800 80 70 60.

  • log the odour nuisance yourself as a formal record for future evidence.


The Environment Agency is running, until end March 2021, a public consultation into Omega's application for a permit to run the £20m thermal oxidiser which EDC gave Omega approval to build. Visit the Fresh AIR for Penrith Facebook page to get your link to the EA page where you can take part in the consultation.

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